Brewmaster Board Game

New lower price! This is a game for all beer lovers that is easy to learn and fun to play. No knowledge of brewing is required to play, but player will learn about the basic brewing ingredients as they play. In this game players combine cards to brew six beer styles including ale, stout and Belgian. In doing so players will use some of the 90 cards representing real beer ingredients. In addition to brewing beer, players have the opportunity (through event cards) to win awards, challenge the giant breweries, or lose a green scrubbie... The player with the most beer festival trophies and crowd markers wins the game. The game is great for two to five players and generally takes less than an hour to play. No beer knowledge is necessary, as this is not a trivia or drinking game. GAME INCLUDES: • Official rulebook • 75 ingredient cards • 15 event cards • One die • An 11" x 17" laminated game board (so that it can be played on a bar table) • 40 crowd chips • 7 beer festival trophies

Price: $19.90
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