Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Organic Green Coffee, Fair Trade, 1 Lb.

This organic coffee is grown in the state of La Paz, Bolivia (about 12 hours from the city of La Paz) in several small communities and villages. These coffee farmers are known as "Colonials". During the 1950's, wealthy and large land owners took over this region. Properties were confiscated from the native people, who were forced to work for the new owners. In 1991, through a governmental land reform, the larger landowners were made to relinquish their holdings of these small farms and return the rightful ownership back to the families whom originally owned them. They now have freedom to work to improve their income, their own lives, and the health of their community. The organic coffee trees are older cultivars: Typica and Bourbon. The coffee is slightly spicy, medium to full bodied, with a mild acidity and has a good balance. A well rounded coffee perfect as a single origion brew. Excellent for medium to French roasts.

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