Bolivia Cenaproc Green Coffee Beans, 1 Lb. Bag

Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. Bolivia is a country of very small farmers who have been left out of the gourmet coffee market until just a few years ago. Recent investments have made it possible for some of these farmers to develop quality growing and processing techniques, and the result is some excellent coffees now coming from this region. As with all of our coffees, this is certified Fair Trade and organic, to ensure the farmers will have every reason to continue producing this fine coffee for years to come. Grown at 4600- 6000 feet, the Cenaproc won 1st place in a recent cupping competition of Bolivian coffees. The Cenaproc is sweet with clean, delicate fruity flavors, a mild chocolate finish, and balanced with a nice caramel acidity. To keep the more delicate flavors intact we recommend a medium to full city roast, but it will hold up to a darker roast as well.

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