Stainless steel faucet and shank assembly

All Stainless Steel Beer Faucet & Shank Assembly

The Perlick sanitary stainless steel faucet is a vast improvement over the traditional chrome plated brass faucet. This faucet has all stainless steel inner working parts and seals at the forward end which prevents beer form drying out inside and causing the lever to stick and a buildup of oup in your beer lines. A must have for home kegerators that may sit idle for days. The Front spout also removes for easy cleaning, reducing the amount of time and effort needed for maintaining a clean tap. If you purchase just the faucet, the knob and faucet shank assembly shown in the picture are not included. A completely stainless steel faucet assembly is a worthwhile investment for completely taint free dispensing and is essential for serving beverages with higher acidity such as cider, wine, or even cocktails. Ready to install in a refrigerator or cooler, the only tools needed are a drill with a 1" bit or hole saw and a wrench. The shank can fit in walls up to 3 1/2" thick and is solid stainless steel. Comes with a detachable beer nut with a stainless steel hose barb on the back for easy disassembly for cleaning or changing kegs. If you wish to order just the faucet head, without the shank, stainless tailpiece, or faucet handle, just choose the faucet only option below.

Price: $69.90
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