Aerobie Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee Maker by Aerobie

We have discovered a new way to make great tasting coffee fast, and we're hooked. The Aero Press was developed by Aerobie, a company local to our area that is well known for the ring shaped frisbees they also make. It is notable that the press is entirely manufactured here in the USA. Although similar in appearance to a French press, there are some key variations in the way coffee is brewed with the Aeropress that make the resulting coffee much different. The Aeropress has two main parts, the outer chamber with the filter on the bottom, and the inner plunger with a thick rubber gasket which provides a snug, airtight seal. This forces air through the wet coffee grounds which results in a fast extraction time. Because the grounds need only a very short contact time with hot water less bitter compounds are released from the coffee. The result is a very smooth tasting cup of coffee with measurably lower acidity. The Areopress uses paper filters which eliminates the grit which is usually produced with a French press. The high temperature polycarbonate and polypropelene plastics used to make the Aeropress are FDA approved for cooking at boiling temperatures. The filters are cheap, oxygen bleached, and compostable. A package of 350 filters and a zippered nylon carry sack are included in the purchase price. Additional filters sold separately.

Price: $26.90
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