Greenware compostable cups made from corn

16 oz. Greenware compostable cups, sleeve of 50

Now you can really relax and enjoy your homebrew with friends without having to clean a huge pile of glasses and without having to worry that the cups will take a million years to completely decompose in a landfill. Our Greenware cups are made from NatureWorks biopolymer, a plastic made from corn. They will biodegrade completely in 90 days in commercial or institutional composters, require 50 percent less fossil fuel than regular plastics to produce, and are not toxic to burn. These cups are virtually scent free, making them the ideal receptacles for tasting your best organic beers without getting a whiff of the awful plastic smell so often detected in petroleum based plastic cups. This is an especially appealing feature when judging beer in a homebrew contest. These cups are made for cold beverages, and they will shrink or melt if exposed to temperatures over 150 oF. These are made in the USA, and are the highest quality. There are cheaper versions of corn based cups made in China on the market, but the quality is not as good and importing them from China burns a lot more fossil fuel. Currently available in 16 oz. only. If you like these cups, and want more size options, let us know and we will try and stock more options soon.

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