Certified Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Sampler

10 variety 5 Lb. Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Sampler

Sample our current green coffee offerings and save money. A great idea if you want to try home coffee roasting for the first time, or if you are not sure about the flavors of our best selling coffees. Our sampler includes 1/2 pound packages of 10 different varieties of green beans, the most popular of our current offerings. If you want 1/2 decaf included indicate your preference from the above menu and we'll send 4 1/2 lbs. regular beans and 1/2 lb. decaf. Also included is our roasting basics brochure to make sure you have the essential knowledge to produce your own gourmet home roasted coffee. To prevent excess packaging and reduce our impact on the environment we respectfully request that you purchase the 9 lb.sampler (a better value) if you want a larger quantity of green beans instead of buying more than one of this item. Because these samplers are pre-packed, we cannot customize them, sorry.

Price: $28.50
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