1/2 liter cream whipper

1/2 Liter Cream Whipper

Nothing is as easy or as tasty as fresh whipped cream topping for a delicious Mocha or your favorite dessert. This cream whipper can make a wide range of whipped cream toppings in seconds without having to use a disposable bottle. Add your own color and flavor for a unique twist. Create great toppings with enticing names such as mocha cream coffee topping or raspberry foam. The cream whipper uses 8 gram N20 gas cartridges. The N20 gas also acts as a preservative so your whipping cream stays fresh in the bottle for weeks once charged. Requires Whipped cream gas (N20) cartridges, sold separately. The complete unit has a 3 year warranty excluding rubber wear items such as gaskets and O rings.

Price: $33.50
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