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Briess Organic Liquid Malt Extract

Organic Barley Malt Extract

Great beer begins with fresh, high quality ingredients, and our organic LME (liquid malt extract) is some of freshest in the business. We sell upwards of 500 lbs of this extract a week, and get fresh shipments every other month. All of our extract is certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program by California Certified Organic Farmers. We package extract to order in food grade plastic vacuum pouches (except for the buckets), and encase the pouches in a sturdy cardboard box. You may also order extract by the pound in any quantity from 3 lb up to 60 lbs. Extract is best used fresh, but if vacuum packaged and refrigerated it has an excellent shelf life of up to 12 months. If stored for long periods of time at room temperatures, extract will get darker each month, and extract that is packaged in buckets or pails may develop surface mold. Because of the high density and sugar content, extract is still usable once this occurs as the mold cannot grow below the surface, and any bacteria present will be killed in the boil.

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