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American Summit Pellet Hops

13% Avg. Alpha. We are excited to bring you the first of what we hope are many offerings of certified organic hops grown right here in North America. Grown in the Yakima Valley of the Pacific Northwest by a family farm with generations of experience growing hops, and one of the first to grow certified organic hops on a large scale here in the United States. These are bittering hops with a strong citrus or grapefruit aroma. We are impressed with the strong pungent aroma with herbal notes reminiscent of a good Australian Pride of Ringwood hop. With the strong citrus character, Summit is a good choice for an American style IPA. Summit is the first dwarf hop to be bred for production in the United States. They are grown on a low trellis requiring hand picking so the hop cones are hand selected and less damaged than machine harvested hops. Recommended substitute for Galena, Simcoe, Cascade, or Pride of Ringwood.
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