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American Hallertau Organic Whole Hops

6.2% Ave Alpha Acid. Top quality organically grown American hops, from Washington State. We only have a few pounds this year so they are only available to our homebrewing customers. US grown Hallertau were developed from rootstock brought over from the Hallertau region in Germany. These are typical Hallertau hops and have a very mild, slightly spicy aroma with refined flowery notes. The German grown Hallertau is considered one of the true noble hops, and these American grown Hallertau exhibit the same fine qualities. With equal levels of alpha and beta acids, this is a great hop to use in a single hop beer as it has good bittering and aroma qualities. Great for all types of Lagers and Pilsners, wheat beers and Belgian ales, or any beer where a mild hop nose is desired that will not overpower the other flavors of the beer. Possible substitutions include Liberty, German Hallertau, and Hallertau Tradition.
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