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American Centennial Organic Whole Hops

6.5% Ave. Alpha Acid. We are excited to bring you some top quality classic American hops, organically grown in Washington State. We only have a few pounds this year so they are only available to our homebrewing customers, but if these do well we hope to offer a larger quantity next year. Centennial hops were developed from a cross between Brewer's Gold and a selected USDA male. They have a pungent, citrusy aroma with floral tones balanced with a good bitterness. Sometimes called Super Cascade, these are the signature hops for hoppy American beers like American Pale Ale and American India Pale Ale. The quality of these hops is proof beyond a doubt that American hop growers can produce a superior quality hop using certified organic methods. With hops like these becoming available we are sure that the days of USDA certified organic beer brewed using non organic hops are now numbered.
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