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American Bravo Organic Whole Hops

2010 Crop. 13.5% Ave. Alpha Acid. This is a new breed of American hops, which are rapidly becoming a favored bittering hop. Ours are organically grown in the state of Idaho. Bravo hops are descended from Zeus and Nugget. They have a very clean and smooth bitterness and highly pleasant aroma. Aromas of light fruit (apple and pear) with a flowery note dominate. Very light hint of tangerine and apricot, and slight earthy background. Exhibiting bittering qualities similar to Chinook, Bravo is a great hop for stouts, IPA's, and other big beers. Because this hop has such a pleasant aroma it is a great candidate for a single hop beer. The quality of these hops is proof beyond a doubt that American hop growers can produce a superior quality hop using certified organic methods.
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American Bravo Whole Hops 4 oz.
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American Bravo Whole Hops  4 oz.
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