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Address: 325A River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm
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Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Read what others have to say about our cooperative, our products, and brewing and roasting organic!

"I roast organic because I love coffee. I love the smell, I love the oil on the beans, I love the sound of the second crack.
I love the taste, and how the different tastes hit my mouth and tongue on the way down. I roast organic because organic seems to support local, small business.
I'm interested in brewing for the same reason, to support the small usually family business and for the superior taste."- Megan from Bloomington, IN

"Throughout my homebrew experiences, I've found that if my performance and method are steady, the the change in the quality of any sort of brew can be easily tracked to the oscillation of one catagory of factors: INGREDIENTS. I have a sort of a check system for recipies I've done before, and when I factor in everything which I plan to put into a batch, I can predict how good it will turn out based on the ingredients I have available. If I start with chlorinated water, negative check; with extract vs partial/all grain, negative check; with old hops or yeast, negative check; with freaky, pesticide ridden, dusted and musted, dumped on and pumped on non-organic products? Forget it, I'll run out of red ink.
So, why do I only brew organic, you ask? If its not already apparent, here are 2 more reasons to think about: Number one, beacause every little thing that you stick into your brew is eventually goin' into YOU. Number two, because I know that with every product of the organic sort I put into my batch, the flavor, body, smoothness, and general enjoyability of the brew (esp. knowing that I did a good thing in using/supporting organic products) are ALWAYS better.
If it don't pass at least the German Reinheitsgebot, then it ain't beer!!
Cheers to all the do-it yourselfers and organic brewers!" -Paul from Santa Cruz, CA

"There are few things as a consumer that really get me fired up, but as a victim of Crohnes Disease I know what it's like to suffer from low quality food sources and find healing in organics.  After our food as been pulverized, irradiated, and sterilized, it's no wonder our food sources are lacking so much nutrients.  I just can't imagine why people want to put 'fake' foods into their bodies when all it ends up doing is poisoning us.  Is there any health issue that hasn't worsened in the past fifty years?  And when are poeple going to start connecting that with what we put inot our bodies three to four times a day, everyday?  I beleive buying organic is one of the single most importatn things you can do for your personal health, and that's why I love how easy Seven Bridges has made it to buy organic brew kits and coffees online.  I am a home brewer and I know I've found my only source for ingredients from now on.  I can't wait to get my brother, a coffee drinker, onto your website.  It's exciting I think to get back to the soil and work with Nature, not fight.  Thanks for all your hard work. " -Jon from Columbia, MO

"I brew organic for the excellent taste that comes with the finest quality ingredients. Mixing chemical fertalizers and pesticides in with the beer I brew would detract from the overall flavor and quality of my beer. Organic foods have more complex flavors and are richer in nutrients than their non-organic counterparts, and beer-makings are no exception. 3 cheers for organic beer and the people that make it possible!" -David from Santa Cruz, CA

"I am a lot of things... I am a Coffee Snob. So, I like drinking the best tasting coffee that money can buy. But, I am also practical. I want value for my hard-earned dollars. I am environmentally aware. So, any time that I can focus my purchase power to support, promote, and, sustain Organic community-supported agriculture any where on the planet I am demonstrating my life-long commitment to the "Small is Beautiful" concept. I like to think of myself as also being for the underdog, in this case supporting communities in their efforts to maintian independence from the huge agribusinesses that are more interested in their bottomline than the consequences to indigenous cultures, their values, and, the global environment. Seven Bridges philosophy of supporting the little guy by enabling him to stay Organic *and* benefit the environment while passing the savings on to the consumer is a Win-Win for everyone. Finally, roasting my own coffee is just one of the ways that I take back control over my food from the big guy. I know where my coffee came from, I know when it was roasted, and, I know exactly what's in it! (It's all good!)"- Stephanie from Alexandria, VA

"Your products are outstanding. I recently brewed a batch of your Oatmeal Stout (partial mash kit). I thought it was excellent beer and entered three of the last five bottles at the Seattle Homebrew Fair. The judges thought it closer to a dry stout and sent it off to the best of show after a very useful discussion of watersalts, wort cooling and yeast starters. Out of over 100 beers, 13 went to best of show. My brew didn't make the top ten, but there was one prize left so they went down to 11th and your beer was it! The best part was the judges announcement that it was an organic beer! I've never brewed with anything but your products (this was my fourth batch) and I tell everyone that will listen that brewing organic isn't just about what goes into your belly, but what goes onto our planet." -Greg from Lynnwood, WA

"Home roasted fair trade organic coffee is so naturally exquisite in it's unadulterated beauty; and most importantly, it's such a reward to participate in the circle of world community.!"- Chris from Mora, MN

"Why brew organic you ask… Why not use roach spray rather than PAM to cook your eggs? Why not give your children growth hormones rather than letting them eat, exercise and grow on their own? Why not use arsenic on your salad rather than croutons? Is it really important enough to keep insects off our food, that we would actually eat the poison ourselves? Why do crop dusters dress like men from the X-files when they're filling up their tanks for spraying?
Besides the basic irrationality of what we're doing to our own bodies, it taste better. If you're an ale drinker and you can't be convinced that organic is better by basic logic, then do what comes natural. Find some organic brew, kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy that smooth, pure taste of choice. The choice not to fill your body with chemicals meant for death and cancer. Organic beer is simply better beer." -Brandon from West Helena, AR

"I love brewing 7 Bridges Organic coffees as I know I have chosen the type of coffee which is best for my health and the support of our resource of quality organic farmers. 7 Bridges Cooperative provides us with an outstanding product and the best part of our day - consistently the world's most delicious coffee!"- Martha from Felton, CA

"I wanted to write to tell you of my recent brewing experience with the new hop variety, New Zealand Saaz. To truly test its bittering, flavoring, and aromatic properties I brewed a 5-gallon batch using 6 oz. of this hop and no other. Using 6 lbs. of
your Briess Pale extract, I added 1 oz. for 60 minutes, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes of boiling, and another once to steep for 5 minutes. After kegging it, I added another 2 oz. for dry hopping. I fermented with White Labs California Ale V.
It came out delicious. The jacked up alpha acid worked well for bittering, but the New Zealand variety is still very subtle and delicate like its Czech predecessor when it comes to flavor and aroma—nothing like many of the Pacific Northwest,
British, and other New Zealand/Aussie varieties I usually use. In discussions with my drinkers, we all agreed that the dominate flavor imparted by the New Zealand Saaz is juniper.
I hope this information helps in your sales efforts when customers inquire about this new hop. And, as I’ve told you many times, 7 Bridges simply has the highest quality ingredients I’ve brewed with in my 14 years of homebrewing experience." -Steve from Seaside, CA

"I want to know everything in my coffee and beer. First I purchased organic, then - as organic beer is hard to find - I started brewing organic!" - Timothy from Homerville, OH

"The delicious smell of roasting beans and brewing fills my house and I can't help but dream of another place and time where things are a little less hectic! I enjoy starting my weekend routine with roasting and brewing the coffee. It brings a sense of fulfillment and a relaxed start to my weekend!"- Cyndy from Cary, NC

"To begin this story I must give a bit of background for myself. In 2003 my girlfriend and I took a trip to Europe, four countries in all. It was my first out of the country trip, not including Canada, and I was very excited. After arriving I began to notice a trend, the vehicles there where much smaller on average. In the U.S. I drove a large truck with a gas hungrey V-8, I liked the power and utility for my bicycles, but now I began questioning myself. Why does the U.S. use what they don´t need?
Upon arriving back in the U.S. I made some changes in my life. I sold my large truck, got a 4 cylinder Nissan, and a small motorcycle. Before I would leave the lights on when not necessary or keep the water running when I was brushing my teeth but now these things had changed. I was much more efficient and in this new way of life I was leaving a smaller footprint on the earth.
Now I am brewing my own beer, nothing is better than creating something you like by yourself. Where I live our utilities are included in the rent but I still find it necessary to conserve. My way of doing so in brewing is reusing water for sterilizing. I first fill up one carboy with water and add the iodine, then reuse the same water for the next. This same process is adopted into the cleaning of the bottles. It may not be as cleanly as new water and iodine for each but I can not notice the difference in flavors so why not save some water?" Ryan from Marina, CA

"I brew and roast organic, because I feel that it is the best way for me to make a difference in everyday life--going organic means that you know where your food comes from, that the person that grew it actually cared about it, and often, that farmer is your next door neighbor."- John, from Eugene, OR

"My wife bought me a great sampler pack of organic green coffee from Seven Bridges to start my venture into home roasting and now I'm hooked--on home roasting, on Seven Bridges, and on buying fair trade and organic coffee! After roasting my first batch of coffee with my new Zach and Dani's, I let the beans rest overnight (it was very hard not to brew them right away) and pulled my first shot of home roasted organic espresso in the morning. I was absolutely astounded with all that gorgeous, golden crema oozing into my demitasse! I finally could see what I had been missing by not using fresh, organic coffee. And Seven Bridges made my home roasting experience so easy. They were quick to respond to my inquiries, and their passion for fair trade and organic products definitely shone through. Thanks to Seven Bridges, now I can have the freshest possible coffee, making my espresso machine sing--all while contributing to a just and sustainable world!"- Brandon from Chicago, IL

"I have searched many homebrew websites, but none were as complete in description of their products, nor clearly offered all grain kits. Few specified that malts would be crushed, and finally, no one was able to guarantee an entire line of organic products. I have decided to look no further than 7 Bridges." Theodore from Dexter, MI

"What a joy it was to "stumble" across your cooperative!!!
After moving from an extremely rural area of western Michigan to the progressive metro-Atlanta area, I became very fond of the unique tastes of "unusual" beer found at my new hang-out, Mink's Party Store.
Five years passed, as did I, with my degree in Chiropractic, and back to rural Michigan I went.  Only to be very disappointed at the nearly non-existence of anything short of mass produced domestic beer.
Another many years passed and after returning from a trip out of the area, I came to the realization that I "needed" to do something about this whole lack of choices in regards to flavorful beer.  On to the internet I went...
The search engine turned up many sites, but what caught my attention was the health consciousness of a cooperative devoted to organic products.
Without hesitation I read the entire site and immediately ordered the Deluxe 2-Stage System along with a favorite, Nut Brown Ale.
It is now nearly 2 months later as I sit in correspondence, sipping the head off of a freshly poured "perfect brew".  No kidding!  I received my shipment days later, read the Joy of Home Brewing from cover to cover, and proceeded to dive in head first. I can not explain the delight that I experience knowing that the brew I consume was made by my hands and ORGANIC! Thank you so much for the education and the availability of your very fine products!" -Damian from Michigan



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