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Organic Blue Agave Nectar

Brewing with Agave is a lot like brewing with honey. Once you get past the sticky part, you have an easy way to add highly fermentable sugar that does not add much flavor and gives a crsip character to the finished beer. Great to increase the alcohol content of Mead and Cider as well. Try 1 to 3 pounds as an adjunct for 5 gallons, works well with Mexican and American style lagers, dark lagers, wheat beers, and Saisons. Can used like honey to make Agave mead, and of course Agave is well known as the key ingredient in tequila. Beers and meads fermented with agave in the secondary fermenter will take on a more pronounced "tequila flavor". Try it in your next chili beer for a brew that will really pop with heat and flavor.

Agave nectar is fructose sugar extracted from the the Blue Agave cactus that thrive in the volcanic soils of Southern Mexico. There are over 100 species of Agave, but the Blue Agave is the most highly prized because of the high carbohydrate concentration and clean sweet flavor of the resulting nectar. The taste is similar to honey, but lighter, with a more intense sweetness and more neutral flavor. With a lower glycemic index than most other natural sweeteners, consuming it is less likely to raise blood sugar or trigger the body's fat storage mechanisms.
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