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Guatemala Nahuala (FTO)

Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. Cooperativa Nahuala is a group of 126 families working together to improve their own lives, improve the crops they grow, and care for the environement in which they live. The Fair Trade dividends have made it possible for these families to add new crops such as bannanas and honey bees which provides a more diverse and stable income. A taste of this coffee starts with a very clean, mildly sweet flavor with a pleasant fruitiness that dances in the mouth with a smooth, cocoa butter body. This is a medium bodied, medium acidity coffee with a very rich flavor and a hint of Coban smokiness. It has a slight syrupy sweetness, spicy bright mouth feel, followed by a nice clean aftertaste and finish- overall a fine example of coffee from Guatemala! Recommended roast: Medium to French.

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