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Discover The Joys And Rewards Of Roasting Your Own Organic Coffee At Home

All of our green coffee is certified Fair Trade by Transfair USA

Join the growing number of do-it-yourselfers who have discovered home coffee roasting to achieve the highest level of quality and freshness possible in the coffee drinking experience. We started offering home coffee roasting equipment and supplies in 2001, and have seen the interest in this new hobby grow considerably since our humble entrance to the home roasting scene. As with our homebrew business, we are dedicated to 2 principals above and beyond all others: we only buy and sell certified organic green coffee beans of the highest quality. And we fully support cooperative enterprise and just wages by only offering Fair Trade green coffee beans. Fair Trade coffee guarantees the growers a just wage for the fruits of their labors- sometimes more than twice what other growers are paid. A just wage also means a quality crop as the growers are not forced to cut corners just to make ends meet.

All of our green coffee is USDA certified organic by CCOF

The Freshroast home coffee roaster
organic green coffee beans
Whirley-pop,  a great home coffee roasting tool
Grind your roasted organic coffee with a quality mill
the book Home Coffee Roasting is a valuable guide

Coffee Roasting Machines:

Certified Organic Green Coffee:

Stovetop & Grill Roasters Mills & Coffeemakers Home Roasting Basics
The easiest way to roast your own coffee. Go here for selection and more information about the coffee roasting machines we sell. View our growing selection of organic and Fair Trade green coffee beans for roasting at home. All of our coffee is certified organic by California Certified Organic farmers. Like the hands-on approach? Here are a few old fashioned gadgets to help you make great home roasted coffee and save money. A quality mill to grind your fresh roasted beans is essential. We have added a selection for your shopping convenience. Our on-line guide to roasting coffee at home. Includes summaries of roasting methods, different roast levels, and more.

10 variety 5 lb. Organic Green Coffee Sampler

Sample our current green coffee offerings and save money. A great idea if you want to try home coffee roasting for the first time, or if you are not sure about the flavors of our best selling coffees. Our sampler includes 1/2 pound packages of 10 different varieties of green beans, the most popular of our current offerings (decaf not included). Also included is our roasting basics brochure to make sure you have the essential knowledge to produce your own gourmet home roasted coffee. To prevent excess packaging and reduce our impact on the environment we respectfully request that you purchase the 9 lb.sampler (a better value) if you want a larger quantity of green beans instead of buying more than one of this item. Because these samplers are pre-packed, we cannot customize them, sorry. See our green coffee offerings for current coffee selection. #OCOFFA1

See our complete selection of organic green coffee

Why roast your own? Here are a few reasons:

Home roasting is easy! It takes 5 to 15 minutes to roast a batch of coffee using a hot air roaster.

The ultimate in quality and freshness. Coffee begins to loose its delicate aroma and flavor just 24 hours after roasting. For the best cup: roast your own!

Save money! Organic and Fair Trade green coffee is half the price of roasted coffee from a gourmet retailer. We only offer the highest quality, unblended coffee beans at about 1/2 the price that you normally would pay for organic gourmet coffee. If your household drinks 1# of coffee per week, that amounts to an annual savings of up to $300 if you buy organic green beans from us in bulk quantities.

Enjoy the process. Just like home brewing, roasting your own coffee is fun, it will impress your friends, and making your own blends will satisfy your creative side as well as your taste buds.

Support the organic farming of coffee which is kinder to nature. Most of the coffee we offer is also Fair Trade, which means the farm workers who grow and process the coffee are guaranteed a fair wage, and more of the money you spend on the coffee goes to the grower.

You do not need much space or equipment to roast your own coffee. A home coffee roasting machine (or equipment for one of the other home roasting methods outlined in the book "Home Coffee Roasting") and green beans are all you need.

For more information about home coffee roasting, equipment and supplies follow the links below....



Recycled burlap sacks: $3 Each

Just about every coffee producer in the world ships the green coffee in food grade burlap sacks. Most of these have the Co-op or grower name printed on the bag. These bags make great decoration, or use them in your next art project. They are food grade, so you could cut them down to make sacks to store your supply of green beans in. Burlap is perfect for this purpose as it is a very loose weave to allow good air circulation. When you order this item we will hand select bags in good condition from what we have on hand. If you wish to hand select your own, please drop by our store. Please respect our overworked staff and understand that we cannot spend time going through the piles of sacks over the phone. Each sack is large enough to hold 125 to 150 pounds of green coffee beans.

#CoffS1 $3.00 ea.

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