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Organic Beer Ingredient Kits

Easy Brew Kits
(For beginners)
Mash-Extract Kits
(Beginner to intermediate brewers)
All Grain Kits
(Advanced Brewers)

Our organic beer kits are made of the highest quality organic ingredients that money can buy. We spend a lot of time developing each kit, and we continually make improvements whenever we receive a good suggestion or we find better ingredients or packaging. Each kit is packaged in a cardboard box with an attractive color label.

Each kit includes comprehensive, step by step instructions, premium organic malts and hops which are sealed in oxygen barrier plastic to lock out air and moisture, and organic dry malt extract (DME) or organic corn sugar for bottling. The grains in each kit are pre-crushed unless otherwise requested. These kits contain all the organic malt, hops, and grains needed to make one 5 gallon (US) batch of organic beer.

Each kit is rigorously tested by Seven Bridges members with typical home brewing equipment. After tasting these beers (our favorite part!) we have concluded that these kits brew the best organic beer we have ever tried. We think you will agree!


Save Resources and $1 Off Per Kit!

Our Kits are packaged in a box with a full color label, and our Mash-Extract and Easy-Brew kits include an illustrated brewing guide. You may find these items are not necessary, and if so, you may order your kit without them. Simply request the plain brown wrapper option when ordering, or order the plain brown wrapper version if ordering on-line, and we will ship your kit without the color label and booklet for $1 less.


Brewing organic has never been easier! If you are new to home brewing, our Easy Brew kits are the perfect way to start brewing organic! These kits contain 100% organic barley malt extract and a small amount (one pound or less) of specialty malt to add flavor and character to your organic beer. Brewing ourkits is simply a matter of placing the grains in a grain bag (or making a grain tea separately if you do not have a grain bag), putting the bag into the brew kettle with water, and bringing the water to a boil. Once the water just starts to boil the bag is removed (or the grain tea is added), the extract is added, and hops are added during the boil as called for in the step by step recipe. All of the hops in our easy brew kits are fresh pellet hops. Our Easy Brew kits produce great beer in a 2 hour brewing session.



Our beginner to intermediate kits all contain organic malt extract and whole grains that are pre crushed. The kits require the extra step of soaking, or mashing the grain before boiling. This is easily accomplished if you have a grain bag or a large kitchen colander, and a thermometer. Our instructions explain clearly how to do this. The extra time is worth it: the grains add a satisfying character and authenticity you can be proud of!



If you are an all-grain brewer, these kits are also available in an all grain version, with clear instructions outlining the mashing procedures. If you have been thinking about taking the step to organic all grain brewing, these kits are a good way to make the leap because of the step by step instructions and proven recipes. The grain in the all grain kits is pre-crushed unless otherwise requested.

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