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Books For Making Mead, Wine, & Cider

The prices on this page may not be current. Please visit our on-line store for current prices and info. The shopping cart link at the top right of this page will take you to our store. We are keeping these pages on our website as a courtesy to those who prefer this format to view our products.

Cider: Making, Using, & Enjoying

This is the most complete book available to home brewers on the subject of home cider making. Includes info about apple varieties, growing apples, and how to make a cider press.

By Proulx & Nichols, 213 pp


Home Winemaking Step by Step

An excellent resource for home winemaking, this book covers the complete process of making wine from whole grapes or extract. Covers equipment, processes for making red, white and sparkling wines. Includes details such as malolactic fermentation, acid tests, and troubleshooting.

By Jon Iverson, 222 pp


The Home Winemaker's Companion

This new title is perhaps the best book on the subject of home winemaking to date. Includes 115 recipes and techniques for making wines from kits and concentrates, and from fresh grapes. Includes instructions for the proper way to make port and champagne.

By Gene Spaziani & Ed Halloran, 265 pp


From Vines to Wines

This book has extensive information about growing your own wine grapes, including selection of varieties for the climate (here in California, almost anything goes!). Explains how to build a trellis, pruning techniques, and proper harvesting. The how to make wine section includes the complete process, from pressing the grapes to bottling.

By Jeff Cox, 235 pp


Making Wild Wines & Meads

This book has 125 unusual recipes for wine & mead using herbs, fruits, flowers, and more. Includes step-by-step winemaking instructions. Highlights include Cranberry Claret, Marigold Wine, and Lemon Thyme Metheglin (mead).

By Patti Vargas & Richard Gulling, 169 pp


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