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Farmhouse Ales explores the history and brewing techniques of the Saison and Biere de Garde beer styles. These rustic ales once brewed on farms in Flanders and Wallonia have eveolved over generations of refinement and interpretation. Includes modern brewing techniques and homebrew recipes. An informative and entertaining read that gives this lesser known style the in-depth exploration it deserves.

By Phil Markowski, 256 pp.......#BK35   $17.95

Classic beer style Series


Books about Home Brewing


Wine, Mead & Cider Books


Other Books About Beer & Related Interests


3rd Edition: The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing:
New 3rd edition and complete revision and update in 2003 of the best selling homebrew classic. Includes updated recipes, techniques, charts and diagrams, but retains the laid back, witty writing style that has made this book so popular. We consider this the best all around introduction to home brewing, affectionately known as the home brewer's bible!

By Charlie Papazian, 432 pp.......  


Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers

This substantial and well written book explores beer history from it's ancient beginnings and the spiritual and medicinal properties of fermented beverages. Includes numerous recipes and brewing techniques, and has extensive descriptions of herbs used in brewing throughout the ages. A true departure from modern perceptions about alcoholic beverages. Inspiring!

By Stephan Harrod Buhner, 584 pp

Homebrewing, Volume 1

A complete guide to extract and mash extract brewing, this book has extensive brewing information and up to date techniques.

By Al Korzonas, 531pp


Brewing Quality Beers

This book is a simple introduction to home brewing and covers all the basics, from equipment to proceedures. The expanded 2nd edition also covers home kegging and all-grain mash proceedures. Illustrated.

By Byron Burch, 118 pp

Brewing the World's Great Beers

Covers basic and advanced brewing techniques for brewing specific styles of beer. Numerous recipes included.

By Dave Miller, 160pp.


Using Hops

Back in print! An excellent reference guide to hops for brewers who develop their own recipes or grow their own hops. Extensive information about hops can be found within these pages, from descriptions & characteristics of dozens of hop varieties, to information about the hop industry, including growing, harvesting, processing, & storage.

By Mark Garetz, 204pp.

Designing Great Beers

An indispensible guide if you are ready to start developing your own beer recipes. Packed with brewing tables and information, including beer style profiles, hop utilization, and mashing techniques.

By Ray Daniels, 390 pp

The Brewmasters Bible

If you are ready to advance your brewing skills, this extensive text will get you started. Has in-depth coverage of the all-grain brewing process and lots of useful charts.

By Stephen Snyder

Brew Chem 101:

The Basics of Beer Brewing Chemistry

By Lee W. Janson, Ph.D., 128 pp

Clone Brews

Homebrew recipes for 150 brand-name beers. Includes extract, mash-extract and all grain recipes that "clone" some of the world's most popular beers.

By Tess and Mark Szamatuiski,176pp.


North American Clone Brews

A collection of 50 recipes of the best American and Canadien beers. From Sierra Nevada Porter to Sam Adams Scotch Ale, Pike IPA to Moosehead lager, this book has it covered. Includes recipe versions for extract, partial-mash, & all grain brewing.

By Scott Russell, 167 pp

Brew Ware:

How to Find, Adapt & Build Homebrewing Equipment

Build everything from gravity fed brewing systems to bottle trees.

By Karl Lutzen and Mark Stevens, 304pp


Beer For Dummies

In the "Dummies" style, this book covers beer appreciation as well as basic home brewing instructions.

By Marty Nachel with Steve Ettlinger, 333pp

Dictionary of Beer and Brewing:

Perfect your brewing vocabulary! Brewing terms defined, A- Z.

Compiled by Carl Forget, 186 pp

Principals of Brewing Science:

2nd Edition. A study of serious brewing issues. Explores the science of brewing chemistry, biochemistry, and thermodynamics.

By George Fix, Ph.D, 189 pp

The Lore of Still Building

A fun book about all aspects of back yard distillation including home still designs, alcohol as a fuel, and federal laws. Has many diagrams of still designs.

By Howard & Gibat, 174pp.


The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible

A down-home primer on how to make beer, wine, liqueurs, and moonshine whisky. Covers equipment (including making some of your own), recipes, and malting your own grains. Entertaining as well as practical, the book includes Alaskan tales and bootlegger's lore, and recipes for everything from Applejack and Birch Sap Wine to Chicha (corn beer) and Bathtub Gin.

By Leon W. Kania, 173 pp

Using Your Cornelius Draft System

A booklet that introduces new brewers to the use and care of home draft systems. Includes charts on carbonation levels, information about rebuilding kegs and counter pressure bottle filling.

By Pat Anderson, 22 pp


FREE with the purchase of our complete keg system!


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