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Siphoning & Transfer Equipment

The prices on this page may not be current. Please visit our on-line store for current prices and info. The shopping cart link at the top right of this page will take you to our store.



3/8" diameter racking tube: 24" long, food grade plastic, with an inverted tip on the end to prevent sediment from being drawn into the siphon...#TE1 $2.95

3/8" Stainless Steel Racking Cane: 24" long x 3/8" o.d., with an inverted tip on the end. Can be used in boiling hot liquids (with the plastic tip removed)...#TE2 $13.50

Straight Racking Cane: 18" long x 3/8" o.d. To avoid stirring air into your beer, place this on the end of the siphon that flows into the carboy, bucket, or keg so it will reach the bottom & prevent splashing .....#TE8 $1.95

1/2" Fast Flow Racking Cane: 26" long, with sediment tip. Siphons in nearly half the time as the 3/8" canes. Use with the 1/2 inch bottle filler & 1/2" tubing (below)....#TE9 $4.50

Air Tight Racking Assembly: A 3/8" racking cane and a 3/8" straight racking cane connected with 5' of tubing and secured with 2 kwick clamps....#TE11 $5.95


3/8" I.d. Transfer Tubing: Food grade vinyl tubing...#TE4 $0.35 per ft.

1/2" I.d. Transfer Tubing: Food grade vinyl tubing...#TE10 $0.50 per ft.

Hot Transfer Tubing: This tubing is has 1/8" thick walls, which provides more insulation than conventional tubing. The thicker walls prevent tubing from collapsing when transferring hot liquids. Food grade and rated for hot transfers.

3/8" i.d., 5/8" o.d. tubing: ...............#TE15 75 per ft.

1/2" i.d., 3/4" o.d. tubing: ...............#TE17 95 per ft.


Starts a siphon in one stroke, in as little as 6 inches of liquid. Includes a 3/8" racking tube

#TE13 $9.95


Mini In-line Valve

Splices on to 3/8" tubing wherever you need precise control over the liquid flow rate, such as with a sparging system. Because the liquid flows through the valve, it is more difficult to sanitize

#TE7 $2.50

Tubing Clamps

Small: fits 3/8" hose.....#TE5 $0.95

Large: fits 3/8" & 1/2" hose.....#TE12 $1.45

Siphon-Spray Wort Aerator

If you use a siphon system to transfer chilled wort to the primary fermenter, the aerator will simplify the task of introducing oxygen to the wort, by causing the wort to emerge from the end of the siphon in a wide spray that mixes in large amounts of air. Fits 3/8" i.d. tubing.......#FE16 $2.95



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