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Stainless Steel Sparge Arm

Solidly constructed of quality materials here in the USA, this rotating sparge arm is a good investment for your homebrewing system. Gravity fed sparge water causes the sparge arm to rotate, creating a slow, even sprinkle of water over the grain bed. This 10.75" sparge arm is constructed of stainless steel with rubber end caps. Includes 13 7/8" bracket assembly made of food grade HDPE to position the unit over the grain bed, allowing for easy height adjustment. A 6' length of 5/16" i.d. food grade tubing is included. This will snugly fit a 3/8" barb if the tubing is heated slightly. #MA14

Stainless Steel Dome False Bottoms

Made of heavy gauge perforated stainless steel with a 3/8" o.d. stainless steel hose barb. Attach plastic or silicone tubing to this barb to complete your lauter tun. Unlike plastic false bottoms that can float up during the mash because of the light weight, this false bottom will stay at the bottom of the mash vessel where it belongs.

9" False Bottom: this will fit perfectly in a 6 gallon plastic bucket or some 5 to 10 gallon water coolers.

12" False Bottom: will fit most 10 gallon water coolers, or could be used in conjunction with weld free fittings in a metal pot.

Bazooka Screen

The bazooka screen is the perfect thing to easily upgrade a pot with a 1/2" ball-valve into a boiling kettle complete with a hop filtering screen. This is a 12" long screen with a 1" diameter constructed of stainless steel, grade 16 mesh. Complete with a stainless steel 1/2" male pipe thread fitting that will thread right onto the Weld-free Ball valve or the Polarware pots we sell. Will attach to any 2-way port that is 1/2" pipe thread, no tools or welding required! Because of the smaller surface area, the Bazooka screen is not very suitable to building a mash or lauter tun for filtering grains. A false bottom will perform much better.

Oak Mash Paddle

Hand crafted of American hardwood, this mash paddle is made according to a centuries old design. The large holes in the paddle reduce the effort required to stir even the thickest mash. The 36" long handle gives plenty of leverage to help you stir even a small brewery size mash. The wood is untreated so there is no chance of unwanted residues in your mash.


Barley Crusher Mill

A precision machined mill and a great value, the Barley Crusher will take care of your homebrew milling needs so you can stock up on grains and have the freshest milled grain when you need it. Features include 1.25” x 5” knurled rollers that are adjustable on both ends for even crushing, a removable hand crank in case you want to run the mill with a power drill, and a 7 lb. capacity hopper. Ships fully assembled, and has a full warranty. #MI10

Corona Mill

This is a good basic mill if you need an economical alternative to a roller mill. Although the crush quality is not as good as a more expensive roller mill can provide, it is perfectly adequate for most home brewing needs. A good choice for mash-extract brewers....#MI3

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