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Cleaning And Sanitizing Supplies

The prices on this page may not be current. Please visit our on-line store for current prices and info. The shopping cart link at the top right of this page will take you to our store.



Bottle Brush: 6" x 2" diameter, tufted on the end, with 10" wire handle...#BR1 $2.95

Carboy Brush: 10" x 2" diameter with bent, tufted end and long wire handle..#BR2 $5.95

Dip tube brush: 3"x 1/4"diameter, 3' handle, fits keg down tubes...#BR4 $3.95

Blow off Tube Brush: 3/8"diameter x 3" brush with 4' handle...#BR3 $4.95

Blow off Tube Brush: 1/2"diameter x 3" brush with 4' handle....#BR9 $5.50

Blow off Tube Brush: 1"diameter x 3" brush with 4' handle...#BR8 $5.95

Airlock Brush: 3"x 3/8" diameter with 6" handle....#BR5 $1.85

Faucet Brush: 1/2" diameter x 3" with 8" handle.....#BR6 $1.95

Mini keg brush: 6" x 1" diameter, tufted on the end, with 10" wire handle...#BR7 $3.95


The Five Star Cleaning & Sanitizing Kit

The cleaning and sanitizing solutions in this kit are widely used by micro breweries. Designed for low environmental impact and effective cleaning, these formulas proved so popular that Five Star developed this kit for home brewers. The best low impact cleaner on the market, it really works on tough residues built up on hard to clean carboys, kegs, and brew pots. The kit contains one 8 oz container of Star San sanitizer and 9 packets of 5 Star Powdered Brewery Wash plus information and instructions.

#CS1 $18.50

Five Star PBW

The most effective cleaner available for beer lines and kegs, and is the best choice for cleaning copper.

2 oz. packet:...#CS3 $1.75


Five Star PBW

1# container:.....#CS4 $9.50

Five Star PBW

4# container:....#CS8 $29.50



Economical and environmentally safe, Straight-A is an oxygen based cleaner that contains no phosphates. Use for all your brewing equipment and to soak labels off bottles. Instructions enclosed- Approx. usage is 1 tablespoon per gallon.

8 oz. package............#CS9 $2.50

16 oz. Package........#CS10 $4.50

4# Package...............#CS11 $15.50

Iodophor Sanitizer

Iodine based sanitizer, very low impact if used at recommend strength. Economical and effective. Equipment does not need to be rinsed if allowed to dry before using.

4 oz bottle....#CS5 $3.25

33 oz bottle....#CS6 $12.50


Star San Sanitizer

Acid based sanitizer that is effective in hot or cold solution. A good choice for hot sanitizing for stainless steel equipment.

8 oz bottle.....#CS2 $7.50

32 oz bottle.....#CS2b $16.50

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