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Bottles & Bottling Equipment

Please visit our on-line store for current prices and info:

Emily Capper

Economical yet smooth operating. The metal jaws can be popped out with a screwdriver and reversed to cap champagne bottles. The best choice for most brewers.

Champagne Bell Housing

A wider bell housing to fit European champagne bottles, installs in less than a minute. Fits the Emily capper.



Italian Bench Capper

Smooth operating, with a pistol grip style quick adjustment feature. Also caps American champagne bottles.

Tops & Washers For Swing-Top (Grolsch Type) Bottles

Wire & Plastic Swing Top Stoppers: 25mm to fit Grolsch style bottles. Has a wire cage with plastic stopper & rubber washer

Large Wire & Plastic Swing Top Stoppers: 32mm, fits the 2 liter bottle pictured below, same construction as the 25mm stoppers

Rubber Gaskets for 25mm Swing Top Stoppers:

Pack of 10 gaskets:.....................#BE14

Pack of 25 gaskets:.....................#BE15




Gold Crown Caps-plain top: With a soft plastic liner for good sealability.

Pkg. of 60:............................#BE7

1# pkg. (about 225 caps):......#BE8

Oxy Caps: These caps have a special liner to absorb oxygen in the bottle to improve the shelf life of your beer and reduce off flavors from oxygenation.

Package of 60:.......................#BE9

1 Gross (144 caps):...............#BE10

29 mm Bottle Caps: Wide caps to fit European champagne bottles. Champagne adapter required for most bottle cappers. 25 caps per package........#BE31





These beautiful bottles are worthy of your best brews. They hold 500 ml, or about 1 pint. With very thick glass and a Grolsch style flip top lid, they are infinitely re-usable. By them one at a time or in cases of 12.

Case of 12 Cobalt Blue Flip Top Bottles (lids included):


An essential part of any home brewery, bottles add the final touch to your organic home brew. We encourage you to re-use commercial bottles when possible (any bottle that is heavy glass and non twist off is acceptable), but if you want quality bottles designed to last for years of brewing, look no further! Because glass can not be insured for overseas or air shipments at a reasonable cost, we do not ship full cases of bottles outside of the lower 48 States.

12 oz. brown glass bottles: longnecks, case of 24:

22 oz. brown glass bottles: Case of 12

500 ml brown glass swing top bottles: case of 12*

1 Liter brown glass swing top bottles: case of12*

6 oz. Mini Champagne Bottles: Perfect for barley wine, sparkling mead, or special brew. Accepts standard bottle caps or champagne corks, cs of 24

*Stoppers are included in the price of all swing top bottles

2 Liter brown glass swing top jugs:

With handle, and heavy duty extra wide swing-top stopper.

Bottle Trees

Once you purchase a bottle tree, you will wonder why you waited so long! With a bottle tree, bottling is easy even if you have to do it without a friend to help, as the bottles are all within easy reach. The trees hold the bottles upside down to allow drying without contamination. Made of sturdy plastic with a stable construction that will even withstand the weight of large bottles such as champagne bottles if they are distributed evenly on the tree. Both trees Come apart after assembly for easy cleaning and storage. The wide base collects liquids, preventing the mess that usually occurs when bottling. Use with Iodophor or Star San sanitizer for no-rinse drying.

90 Seat Bottle Tree With Rotating Base: The same tree as above,but with a rotating base. The added feature of a rotating base means every bottle is within easy reach when bottling on your own (6#).....................#BE38


Economy 45 Seat Bottle Tree:

Although not as sturdy as the 90 seat tree, the 45 seat tree is perfect for those with limited space. Pictured right with optional sanitizer injector (sold separately, below).


Sanitizer Injector:

The injector fits on top of both of the bottle trees we sell, plus it can stand on its own on a countertop. It features a pump that draws liquid sanitizer from the resevoir with a quick pumping motion, and shoots it into the bottle. A great time saver!




Fermtech Blast Washer: We like this bottle washer because we can rinse siphon tubing with it or attach a hose to a kitchen sink. Attach to a garden hose or use adapter (below)to attach to sink. Creates a high pressure jet stream of water for cleaning and rinsing, with a hands-free shut-off. Will not harm plumbing. High tech plastic, guaranteed to rinse 20,000+ bottles!


Brass Jet Bottle & Carboy Washer: Attach to hose or use adapter (below) to attach to sink. Creates a high pressure jet stream of water for cleaning and rinsing, with a hands-free auto shut-off. Will not harm plumbing. Solid brass...............................#BE11

Faucet adapter: Will fit most modern faucets with 55/64" inside threads or 15/16" outside threads.......#BE12



Bottle wax is a great way to dress up your bottles of special brew for gift giving or special occaisions, and will also provide a better seal than capping alone. To use, heat the wax in an old pan (or a coffee can) until just melted, and then dip the top of your bottle in the wax for a few seconds. Each package has 1# of wax, enough to do at least 3 cases of bottles.

Comes in Holiday Red, Holly Green, Royal Purple (New!), Sapphire Blue, and Metallic Gold- please specify color when ordering.


Bottle Fillers

A good bottle filler fills the bottle from the bottom up without foaming, to eliminate oxygen from mixing into the beer. All of our bottle fillers fill this purpose, and work with a bottling bucket or a siphon system.

Fermtech 3/8" Plastic Bottle Filler: Springless valve tip for a smooth, low foam fill. The best filler for the price.....#BE1

1/2" Plastic Fast Flow Bottle Filler: springless valve tip, fills bottles very fast (careful!).................#BE21

Phil's Philler: 15" in length, constructed of nickel plated brass. These fillers do not displace the volume of beer, giving you more control over the level of beer in the bottle. Flows faster and with less foaming than the valve tip bottle fillers. Fits 3/8" tubing..............#BE3

6 Gallon Bottling Bucket: With a bottling bucket you do not need to start a siphon to fill bottles. A bottle filler is also recommend. Includes a lid and a plastic spigot that fits 3/8" tubing.....#BE43


Expanded Selection of Labels

We have just added 9 new label designs to our selection of bottle labels. The new labels offer a colorful statement and are fully customizable. Add your own design on your home computer and print right onto the labels with a laser or ink-jet printer. See the label page or buy on-line.

Wine & Champagne Corks & Corkers

2 Handle Easy Wine Corker: Has comfortable to grip plastic handles & a strong steel frame. A good basic corker.




Standard Size Wine Corks, First grade quality (#9 Corks):

Package of 25....................................#BE17

Package of 100..................................#BE18

Heat Shrink Wine Sleeves: Black or burgundy, lead free. Use a hair dryer to shrink, or dip in hot water. Gold or black- specify color when ordering.25 pieces........................#BE19



Plastic Champagne Stoppers: Push-in type, 25 pieces.....................................#BE27

Champagne Wires: Essential if using above stoppers, 25 wires.......................#BE28

Gold Champagne Foils: Adds an elegant touch! Simply slip over the top of the cork and smooth tight.

25 foils: #BE29


Bottling Alternatives


6 Liter Bottle with Screw Cap:


8 g CO2 Cartridge: # MK14

8 g CO2 Cartridge, Box of 10: # MK14

TAP-A-DRAFT DISPENSING TAP (included with the purchase of a system):



This system is a new way to package and dispense your homebrew using Co2 cartridges. Like a full size keg system, the TAP-A-DRAFT will also allow you to force carbonate your beer without taking as big a bite out of your wallet or as much space in your home brewery. The system uses 6 liter pet plastic bottles (the same type of plastic bottle that soda comes in), and small CO2 tap that uses 2 8 gram CO2 cartridges. The plastic bottles are re-usable and each hold about 1 1/2 gallons of beer. The system operates in a horizontal position, taking up a small space about 17" long by 7" wide, and fits nicely on a refrigerator shelf.

Beer (or soft drinks!) can be bottle conditioned with priming sugar in the TAP-A-DRAFT bottle with the screw cap, to be tapped later when needed. Or, your beer can be forced carbonated in 5- 7 days with 2 CO2 cartridges in the refrigerator. When the beverage is ready to drink, it can be tapped and dispensed from a refrigerator over a period of up to 3 weeks without going flat or spoiling, because no air touches the beverage while it is dispensed. It will take about 2 Co2 cartridges to dispense one bottle.
Our TAP-A-DRAFT System includes a dual cylinder tap, two 6 liter Pet bottles with caps, and a box of 10 8 gram CO2 cartridges. Instructions included. Additional bottles and gas cartridges are available for purchase separately (see left).





Box of 10 8 gram CO2 Cartridges
Box of 12 12 gram CO2 Cartridges
Box of 10 16 gram CO2 Cartridges

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