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American Cascade Whole Hops (Transitional Crop- not Certified Organic)

These hops were grown on land that has been certified organic for 20 years, but because of a paperwork glitch the certified status expired and was not transferred to the new crop. These Colorado grown hops were grown according to USDA organic standards and will be fully certified next year. These are beautiful, aromatic hops from a brand new farm, made possible through a lot of hard work, good old fashioned American ingenuity, and a little financial support from Seven Bridges and a few others. The hops are typically Cascade: A clean, bright and pleasant flowery aroma with distinct citrus-like character. They are also a strong Cascade with over 7% alpha making them excellent for both aroma and bittering. Because of the lower than expected yield of the 2 year old plants, there were not enough pounds produced to have pelleted. These hops are slightly over dried, so expect a larger than usual volume of hops per oz.

Your purchase of these hops directly supports American efforts to grow hops organically from smaller family based farms. Although a number of large American hop growers have begun to grow organic hops in addition to their established commercial conventional crops, there are few growers who have been able to successfully start up a strictly organic hop growing operation. Commercial hop growing is a challenging business and the existing larger farms and brokers are very competitive, which means very little industry support for smaller start-ups. Even with a successful crop, without an infastructure to harvest, process, and distribute the hops the operation will need a lot of luck and outside support to succeed. For instance picking, baling, and pelleting equipment is expensive and most of the existing processing facilities are located in the Pacific Northwest. We chose to invest in a grower outside of this region for 3 main reasons: The samples from the first crop year were impressive, and a grower lacking support from the existing American hop industry certainly needed the financial support more than an established conventional hop grower, and this grower has a background in organic farming and is truly dedicated to organic farming principles.
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