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2 Liter Swing Top Growler with Handle

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Item Number: BB8b
They're back, but production costs for these growlers has gone up, so the price is a wee bit higher than before. This has an extra wide Grolsch style swing top with rubber washers (top included in the price). The top can be reused many times. This is the perfect container to bring draft beer to a friends house or event, without having to bring the keg. Also available in a case of 6.

An essential part of any home brewery, bottles add the final touch to your organic home brew. We encourage you to re-use commercial bottles when possible (any bottle that is heavy glass and non twist off can be reused), but if you want quality bottles designed to last for years of brewing, look no further!

Product Reviews

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2 Liter Swing Top - Mixed Review
Dan (Unknown) 3/20/2008 8:23 PM
I purchased five or six cases of these bottles around Christmas time to give out home brew to friends and family. The price just could not be beat for this size bottle. I did have a bottle break during shipping but I was given credit for it so no big deal. All in all these bottles worked out well and are a good value. The only major complaint I have about them is that out of the 30 + bottles I had 5 complaints of flat beer. I think that the wire cage that is used to seal the swing top probably needs to be beefed up a little to provide a better sealing.
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